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Working with us

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Our Design Process

Canopy Landscape Design Studio’ principal, Tara Ralph, will guide the client through the design process, prepare landscape design and supporting material to clients. These projects could include masterplans, conceptual and 3D designs, site inventory and analysis. These plans could be produced in either AutoCAD, Illustrator, SketchUp or hand 

renderings and sketches. Canopy Landscape Design Studio will meet clients on site and work from her home office. Each design begins with a phone call and a meeting with the client. The project is assessed, and suggestions are made by the designer with recommendations for the client. The scope of the project is agreed upon and a contract is signed.

5 steps to the perfect garden

As the ultimate luxury for our clients is time, we will meet with you on site to ensure we fully understand the space we are designing for, and what your requirements are. A beautiful house or public space is as much about its surroundings and purpose as it is about its architecture – we remember the need to negotiate with the surroundings, sometimes using

them and sometimes screening them, but always remembering them. Tara’s innate understanding of the space, combining practicality with adventurous up-to-the-minute planting will ensure your new scheme fits perfectly in balance with the architecture of the building, the personality of the house.

1. Consultation

We will discuss your hopes or vision for the project, the location, and its heritage. From there we will identify opportunities, planning requirements, and the potential constraints of the project. Lastly, we will establish timelines.

2. Site Inventory and Analysis

We measure the property to locate your home, other existing structures and visible utilities, note all existing walkways and patios, and inventory existing vegetation and evaluate existing site conditions, including views, drainage, sun, shade and wind. This information is then used to create a base map drawing: a basic outline of your property.

3. Concept Design

The initial concept stage is all about establishing the overall look of the project, how your proposed garden works; how the space flows, and how it sits in relation to the house and its surroundings.

4. Final Landscape Design

This is the culmination of the design phases. Your comments and suggestions are incorporated into formal, detailed AutoCad generated plans which are the final generation of the design. An additional revision is included, if necessary before the design is finalized and ready to begin the bidding process and receiving estimates.

5. Construction

It's time to make your garden a reality. We can provide project management services or act as a professional advisor ensuring a continuous interface between the garden design team and all specialist contractors or consultants to facilitate the seamless delivery of the project on time and to budget. For project fulfillment, we recommend a skilled landscape contractor.

Site Inventory
Concept Design
Final Landscape Design
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